Murals In The Marketplace

What is it?

In 2021, SMP worked with Wide Open Walls to bring murals to buildings in the District. Murals create a sense of community, beautify spaces, abate graffiti and reduce criminal activity, express historical and cultural identity, and inspire creativity and wonder. As such, they are a powerful tool for making cities more vibrant, engaging, and meaningful places to live. SMP strives to do just that in the heart of Citrus Heights bringing beautiful murals to walls in the District as shown in the Citrus Heights Messenger article Mural In The Making.

See the Art

Where are they?

There are currently 8 murals from 7 different artists completed throughout The District. Each work of art was custom designed and painted by the artists. Please explore the district as well as this website; we hope you enjoy these beautiful and iconic works of art as much as we delighted in seeing them created!