Art In The Marketplace

Murals in the MarketPlace

In 2021, SMP worked with Wide Open Walls to bring murals to buildings in the District. Murals create a sense of community, beautify spaces, abate graffiti and reduce criminal activity, express historical and cultural identity, and inspire creativity and wonder. As such, they are a powerful tool for making cities more vibrant, engaging, and meaningful places to live. SMP strives to do just that in the heart of Citrus Heights bringing beautiful murals to walls in the District.

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Masterpieces in the MarketPlace

MasterPieces in the MarketPlace is a transformer box art project here in the District, that converts functional utility boxes into works of art, recasting asphalt parking lots into vibrant public art galleries. It features a variety of iconic works showcasing 19th century, Japanese woodblock, impressionism, abstract and local contemporary art. The project includes artists such as Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir and many more. Utilizing SMUD’s Transformer Box Wrap Program to enhance the aesthetic environment and deter graffiti, Sunrise MarketPlace is the first to develop a themed instillation of this scale.

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