2025 PBID Renewal


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You may take the PBID for granted. It has been in place for 25 years, working in front and behind the scenes to keep the District economically viable, safe, attractive, and fun to visit. PBIDs have a defined timeframe to keep them accountable to property and business owners. Sunrise MarketPlace was formed in 2000 and has been renewed five times. This will be our fifth renewal and sixth term.



Support the renewal of Sunrise MarketPlace, and let us continue to be your advocate to keep the business corridor safe, clean, attractive, and economically vibrant. If you have questions or need more information regarding services and your parcel, please contact Kathilynn Carpenter at kathilynn@sunrisemarketplace.com or via phone 916-769-5615

petitions received


51% of assessment needed to renew

$450,145 -

Total Assessment

$882,638 -

Cost: The assessment rate (cost to the parcel owner) is based on parcel type and size (Per SQ. Ft.). Retail-zoned parcels are assessed at 0.07 cents per square foot of land, with office-zoned parcels at 0.045 cents.

Renewal Process: SMPPBID can be renewed if it receives signed petitions from property owners who will pay more than 50 percent of the assessments. Please return your signed petition at your earliest convenience. Petitions will be emailed or mailed. You may utilize a digital signature. Once the petition threshold is met, the City will mail ballots to property owners. Please return signed ballots quickly in order for the PBID to meet its deadline for renewal. If the City receives more YES ballots than NO ballots, weighted by the amount of assessment, then the Council may vote to approve the renewal of SMPPBID.

Location: Boundaries are shown on this map

Purpose: The SMPPBID will provide programs such as marketing, events, security, maintenance, advocacy, and economic development directly and only to assessed parcels within its boundaries.

Duration: SMPPBID will have a ten-year term, beginning January 1, 2025, and ending December 31, 2034.

Budget: The initial annual assessment budget will be $882,637.95.


Clean and Safe: No District Security programs to mitigate theft, trespassing, loitering and other public safety issues. No Porter Service for illegal dumps, graffiti removal, or homeless encampment cleanup.

Public Area: No street pole banners or holiday décor; no palm tree lights in the medians; no more utility boxes wrapped in artwork or new murals.

Marketing and Events: SMP has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years investing in quality events that bring thousands of people to the District each year. Without funds to invest in these activities, there will be fewer events in the area and no marketing to bring awareness and drive traffic to District businesses.



The PBID has invested millions of dollars in this business District over the past 25 years. Without SMP, the District will deteriorate, and there is no backup to fill the vacuum left by our absence.

What happens if SMP PBID is not renewed?

*PBID services are supplementary, not a replacement, to public sector services and will not be back-filled by other sources if the PBID is eliminated. If you are an out-of-town or state owner, we are your eyes, keeping your building/business secure.


In May 2020, SMP contracted with a full-time CHPD officer. The District’s dedicated police officer patrols the District every Tuesday through Friday for 10 hours daily. This committed patrol has resulted in quicker response times and strategic partnerships with property and business owners, asset protection departments, managers, and employees. In addition to serving as a deterrent, the officer executes crime prevention measures, hardening the business against criminal activity.

Security Services

Porter ServiceNorCal Private SecuritySecurity ServicesSecurity Services


Additionally, SMP began contracting with NorCal security in October 2021 for armed private security patrols. Hours and contact information can be found at shopsmp.com/security/ NorCal patrols seven days a week, assisting the officer and responding to calls from businesses. They also work to keep the public areas of business clear of camping, loitering and trespassing offenders.

NorCal Private Security

NorCal Private Security

Stats for 2022 & 2023
Arson - 6
Business Clearing/Foot Patrol - 122
Disturbances (violent & non-violent) - 406
Medical - 14
Theft (prevention, recovery & assistance) - 784
Vandalism - 86
Vehicle Incidents - 44
Transient Interactions - 3468
Non-Transient Interactions - 1330
Merchandise Recovered (Jun - Nov 2023) - $63,735

Porter Service Stats 2022 & 2023
Bags of Trash Removed - 1020
Shopping Carts - 1659
Graffiti Removal - 275
Items Removed (Furniture, mattresses, tires, misc.) - 335

In June 2021, SMP contracted with City Wide Property Services, who continues to provide clean-up services to maintain the public right-of-way better. The Porter removes illegally dumped items, homeless camps, and returns abandoned shopping carts, cleans graffiti, and picks up trash. An assigned porter patrols the District Monday through Friday, three hours per day.

Porter Service

Porter Service

SMP has organized the highly successful Brews in the Burbs event every year. The 2024 event garnered over 1.1 million impressions, 10K engagements, over 5K in unique website visitors, and $20K in paid and in-kind sponsorships. The event, which drew over 700 attendees, has been instrumental in bringing the attention of a new group of customers to the District, including those from the secondary trade zone.

SMP's continued efforts in digital, print, and radio advertising have effectively promoted the District and created awareness among businesses. The Holiday headquarters promotions and the popular Magical Moments holiday experiences have successfully attracted hundreds of visitors to the District during the fourth quarter. The holiday decor, such as animated street poles, has enhanced the visitor experience.

SMP's partnership with property and business owners on events throughout the year, including at popular locations like Pizza Rev, Dos Coyotes, Citrus Town Center, Marketplace at Birdcage, and Sunrise Mall, has been commendable. These events have helped to bring the community together and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the local businesses.

Overall, SMP's efforts have been remarkable in promoting the District and its businesses, and the success of Brews in the Burbs and other events is a testament to their hard work and dedication.


Annual Reports


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