2021 PBID Renewal

In the early part of 2020, the world was hit with a devasting pandemic. Our Business District, like those all around the Country, was hit hard. The SMPPBID is 90% retail and we recognized early the magnitude of the toll this would take on our business and property owners. Sunrise MarketPlace (SMP) immediately began posting information on our web site for financial and other resources available for our businesses and our consumers. We assisted businesses with loans and advocated locally and nationally for economic relief for our business and property owners. We kept an updated listing of all essential businesses still open and promoted them on Facebook with gift card giveaways. Many of our consumers were hurting as well and this was our way of giving back to the community. We’ve been through a lot together these past 20 years, the economic fall-out from 9/11; the first big hurricane in 2005 when SMP delivered supplies to victims and the 2008 financial crash.

We weathered these crises together. You are not alone; we are here to help. We are better together. We are stronger together!

Now More Than Ever


The purpose of the SMPPBID is to provide activities and improvements that convey special benefit to assessed parcels. The SMPPBID will provide district enhancement programs, economic development, and related policy development and administration directly and only to assessed parcels within its boundaries.


In 2015, SMP accelerated consumer advertising utilizing continued use of traditional media and launching its first digital and social media campaigns. The aggressive media campaigns generated 21,525,000 media impressions. SMP developed three new communication pillars to compliment the new branding, Savor Selection (conveys the diversity and breadth of businesses in the District), Shop Smart (refers to our value proposition and convenient one-stop shopping) and Stay Connected (we connect through events, activities and deals found in the District). SMP welcomed back World Team Tennis by hosting seven home games with attendance of 9,000 people.



In 2016, SMP continued to promote and attract new consumers to the District with dynamic events such as Dare to Prepare Day, the region’s largest Emergency Preparedness event that brought more than 1,800 people, 55 emergency preparedness vendors, and 60 volunteers. Media contests Wizarding World and 1,000 Reasons featured our businesses and highlighted the district as a destination location. SMP generated 62,244,804 in paid and non-paid media impressions.



In 2017, SMP produced, sponsored, and/or participated in 30 events throughout the district, which generated positive awareness and brought over 10,000 people to the District. Along with Entercom Radio, SMP launched Magical Moments -instagramable events during the holidays. ShopSMP.com received a design overhaul and rebrand of our online presence effectively promoting name recognition, brand identity and increased consumer engagement. As consumers shift their influence away from traditional media, SMP has followed the trend by migrating traditional media buys to a heavy online advertising presence. This shift gained SMP over 2,000 new likes on Facebook, approximately 3 million impressions and more than 35,000 clicks through to our new website. Throughout the year, SMP generated 61,285,578 paid and non-paid media impressions.



In 2018, to enhance our branding, SMP unveiled an updated logo with more current font and imagery. SMP also rolled out a logo to commemorate it’s 20 years. Leveraging our partnership with ABC10, SMP created a branding video for social media advertising that spotlighted our lighted our Four Pillars: Shop, Dine, Do, Play. Our video in conjunction with monthly marketing campaigns, garnished SMP 4,188 new Facebook likes, 3.6 million impressions and 37,414 website visits. Consumer newsletter signups increased 80%, with a total of 11,239 emails. Overall, SMP achieved 52, 567,721 in paid and non-paid impressions.



2019 kicked off the 20th Anniversary of SMP with new 20th Anniversary banners and branded SHOP, DINE, DO, PLAY banners grace Sunrise Blvd. and Greenback Lane. Each month, the 20 x $20 monthly comment contest awarded winners with twenty- $20 gift cards to businesses in the District. The contest pushed social media viewers to our website to search for answers to our SMP Trivia questions. The contest has generated 5,756 engagements and 35,776 impressions.



SMP created a new signature event, Brews in the Burbs. The beer festival received over 1,135,911 impressions, 9,179 engagements, 5,649 unique website visitors, $18,405 in paid and in-kind sponsorships and over 650 people attended the event. Brews helped spotlight the District to a new group of consumers including from the secondary trade zone.

Ongoing digital, print and radio advertising have promoted the District, creating awareness for businesses. SMP produced Back-to-School and Holiday headquarters promotions including events and advertising. Magical Moments, the popular holiday experiences brought hundreds of people to the District in the important fourth quarter. And new holiday décor animated street poles. Throughout the year, SMP partnered with property and business owners on events at Pizza Rev, Dos Coyotes, Citrus Town Center, Marketplace at Birdcage, Sunrise Mall, Lowe’s and other locations.


SMP partnered with SMUD to launch MasterPieces in the MarketPlace - wrapping District utility boxes with famous and local works of art. The project will transform parking lots into public art galleries.

SMP commissioned a geo-fenced market research project resulting in valuable information on customer demographics and preferences. SMP advocated for businesses at City Hall, worked closely with the police department on public safety and hosted a workshop with the FBI, Secret Service and CHPD.



Marie Hall - Living Smart Farmers Market

"During Covid-19, Sunrise MarketPlace was helpful in working with us to keep the public aware of our efforts to keep the market safe and open as an essential service.  Working with the Sunrise MarketPlace is both a privilege and honor for Living Smart and we look forward to many more opportunities in 2021."

Jacqueline Hoff-Sasser - Cordano Capital Co.

"With the current 'atmosphere' more and more retail could be lost if there is not someone who is willing to do the work that you and your team do."


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