Security Patrol

Security Patrol

Officer Jeffrey Schouten
Officer Jeffrey SchoutenSMP Area Specialist

District Security Patrol

Sunrise MarketPlace has initiated our new District Security Patrol, which includes dedicated Citrus Heights Police Department Officer Jeff Schouten. Officer Schouten currently has an office space inside the Sunrise Mall. He will be on duty Tuesday through Friday, 11 am – 9 pm. Officer Schouten will patrol the Sunrise MarketPlace District during his shifts to help deter crime. The officer will work with property and business owners and private security representatives to proactively identify crime trends and develop strategies to resolve ongoing issues.  The Patrol is not meant to replace private security contracts at shopping centers and office buildings, but to provide supplemental service.

Please use 911 for Emergencies and crimes in progress. For all other non-emergency reports, please call 916-727-5500.

Download CHPD Patrol Poster or request a printed poster dropped off at there business.

For any other questions or concerns, contact Officer Schouten at jschouten@citrusheights.net or call/text at 916-709-6418.

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Officer Jeff Schouten

With over 24 years of experience, Officer Schouten is a dedicated law enforcement professional who represents what is at the heart of the Citrus Heights Police Department – an unwavering commitment to service of this City and specifically a commitment to improving the quality of life and the shopping experience in the Sunrise MarketPlace Business District.

Officer Jeff Schouten was one of the founding “legacy” officers who helped build the foundation of the Citrus Heights Police Department when it launched in 2006. In 2014, Officer Schouten was selected to serve as a dedicated officer for the Sunrise Mall. Since accepting that assignment, he has dedicated his career toward improving the pride in business ownership and shopping experience throughout the entire Sunrise Marketplace through his community outreach, crime reduction, and improvements in safety and preparation.

As a full-time law enforcement representative and department liaison to the Sunrise Mall, Officer Schouten exceeded expectations. He enhanced the training and professionalism of the mall employees through monthly training on topics including law, personal and professional safety, communications, radio protocol, and customer service. Officer Schouten also held monthly Sunrise Marketplace Loss Prevention meetings to exchange information on current crime trends, crime prevention, and apprehension tactics.

Officer Schouten is the department lead on the Merchant Detention Program. This program was developed to help business owners aggressively combat theft suspects. The MDP allows participating businesses to file reports directly with the Sacramento County District Attorney to aid in the efficient and timely prosecution. He has presented this training at Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Rite Aid, Stein Mart, Michaels, and major retail stores within the Sunrise MarketPlace.

With the assistance of the Problem-Oriented Policing Unit, Officer Schouten has conducted department training to Citrus Heights Police Officers on emergency scenarios, report writing, and counterfeiting. He has worked closely with our Investigative Services Division to identify and prosecute multiple organized retail theft groups. Officer Schouten has strengthened his own professional knowledge to better serve the Sunrise Marketplace. He has successfully completed a two-week specialized investigation course usually reserved for full-time detectives. Additionally, he attends the annual Northern California Organized Retail Crime Association symposium and is a NCORCA board member.

Officer Schouten is passionate about serving the Sunrise MarketPlace and is excited to begin his new position as the SMP Specialist on May 12, 2020.

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