Masterpieces In The Marketplace

What is it?

MasterPieces in the MarketPlace is a transformer box art project here in the District, that converts functional utility boxes into works of art, recasting asphalt parking lots into vibrant public art galleries. It features a variety of iconic works showcasing 19th century, Japanese woodblock, impressionism, abstract and local contemporary art. The project includes artists such as Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir and many more. Utilizing SMUD’s Transformer Box Wrap Program to enhance the aesthetic environment and deter graffiti, Sunrise MarketPlace is the first to develop a themed instillation of this scale.

With MasterPieces in the MarketPlace, we’ve taken these classic and modern pieces of art, digitized them, printed them on vinyl wraps and applied them to SMUD transformer boxes throughout the Sunrise MarketPlace District. We are using vinyl wraps, instead of hand-painted artwork, as the wraps are easier to install, maintain and replace. Vinyl wraps do not require an artist to work on location, have a life expectancy of 5 or more years and come with a paint-repelling laminate which will further reduce the effects of any graffiti.

See the Art

Where are they?

Phase One of the project was recently completed and includes 21 utility boxes displaying 47 pieces of art throughout the District. Each work of art includes a label with the name of the piece, artist and date, as well as a QR code that when captured, directs the audience to this website where more details on the artist and artwork can be found. Please explore the district as well as this website; we hope you enjoy these beautiful and iconic works of art as much as we delighted in putting it all together!

See the Locations

Masterpieces in the MarketPlace is created in partnership with SMUD. For more information about the SMUD Transformer Box Wrap Program visit smud.org/wraps.