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    Almost every aspect of modern life can cause stress and stress-related physiological symptoms. In the work place, critical delays from supplies, equipment breakdowns or a difference of opinion with a co-worker can cause neck and shoulder muscles to knot and back muscles to bind.

    Even without stressful circumstances, muscles tire from every day activities or movements such as long ours before a computer terminal, assembly line retention or long-haul driving. These muscular stresses generate other problems including stress headaches, general physical discomfort and, in some cases, carpal tunnel syndrome.

    The therapeutic use of massage to manipulate and ease strain in major muscles or muscle groups was known to the ancient Egyptians and is still in use today.

    Always Perfect, located in Citrus heights at 8075 Greenback lane. Phone (916) 726-0451, is staff are certified massage therapists.

    Their training and certification allow always them to use massage therapy techniques to relax, invigorate or stimulate tired or over-stressed muscles and soft tissue injuries.

    Massage therapy can help ease aches and pains, and help restore usefulness and range of movement.

    The professional massage therapy techniques at Always Perfect are available by appointment at reasonable rates Contact us at (916) 726-0451 for further information on the benefits of massage therapy.

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