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    Progressive Employment Concepts’ mission is to provide opportunities for people with developmental disabilities which promote dignity, respect, and inclusion so that all our lives and communities are enriched. Looking back over the years since our inception this mission has led us down many wonderful paths with people. From finding employment for people, some have now worked for the same employer 12 plus years, to assisting people in taking community college classes, to others who have made a dramatic impact in their communities through their diligent volunteer work still others have surpassed all expectations and started their own businesses. Each day we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of people’s lives as they strive for, what many take for granted, the right to live a life of value and dignity. To live a life of ordinary successes and failures and to contribute in the ways that make sense for each person. We hope that while you visit our site you will think of ways you can resist the constraints that threaten to restrict, alienate and disenfranchise thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities and instead support communities where all are valued and included.

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