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    Hello! My name is Haven but my closest friends call me Hayvy! I have loved baking and cooking ever since I was little. Baking is my happy place and I started using it as a way to cheer myself up on bad days. The more I baked, the better I got and the more I enjoyed sharing my treats with family and friends!

    Right before Covid lockdown my mom and I decided to see where my baking skills could take me so we did a pop-up event at our home and invited a couple of other vendors. It was a huge success! I sold out of everything and our family and friends gave me some amazing feedback!

    After a few months, I started doing weekly specials and lots of amazing friends (and some family members too) were supporting me and ordering every weekend!!

    My dream is to have my own mobile bakery or storefront, where I will continue to make custom cakes and treats. For now, I’d like to be at as many pop-up events as possible so I can meet everyone in this amazing community while helping others to succeed too and grow my business.

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