Discount Reimbursement Program

Discount Reimbursement Program

Sunrise MarketPlace is reimbursing your business for discounts that you give your customer. Small businesses located in the Sunrise MarketPlace Business Improvement District are eligible.  SMP will reimburse your business up to $500.00 in our Discount Reimbursement Program. Offer open to the first 20 small businesses located in the Sunrise MarketPlace.

How to get reimbursed

Decide what deal you want to give:
Example: 20% off entire order
Example: Buy one get one free
Example: Free merchandise with purchase

Complete the online program application:
Fill out the online program application at the bottom of this page or at:

Application Review:
Sunrise MarketPlace will review your application and let you know within three business days if your application has been approved, request more information, or rejected with explanations.

Start your promotion:
Once approved, start your promotion. Keep a copy of your discounted sales receipts.

Turn in your receipts:
At the end of your promotion, turn in your receipts to get reimbursed up to $500.00 from Sunrise MarketPlace.

Online Program Application