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You’ve got a working plan for your business.  You’ve got a Value Proposition and have started getting some good results on your landing pages – maybe even a small email address list so far!


What’s next?  Getting more customers, of course!


It sounds easy until you try it.


There’s good news and bad news in Customer Development:  The bad news is that there are no ‘easy’ methods you can use to grow a customer base and it’s time-consuming.  This is the point where most startups fail. The good news is that you can probably cut that time down significantly, and we want to show you how.


Using open-source tools, we can find evidence of customer behavior online.  They show us the places they go, the people they listen to, and the things they buy.  We can discover these ‘digital breadcrumbs’ people leave behind that help us craft more focused value propositions.


In this free workshop, we’ll show you how to quickly gather customer evidence.  You’ll walk away with techniques that will allow you to understand how your market behaves online and how you can start interacting with them right away.