Health Markets Insurance Agency

Health Markets is unlike any insurance company you’ve worked with before. You can feel the difference the minute you walk through the door of their new vibrant and modern front office. Greeted by the delightful Alycia, you’ll feel at ease, like greeting an old friend. Let’s face it, buying insurance can be scary and overwhelming. How much coverage do I really need? Can I keep my doctor? How much will this cost me? If this sounds like you, stop wondering where you can get these questions answered and head on over to Health Markets. From the friendly, patient, and knowledgeable staff to their comfortable and calming office, there are a lot of reasons why Health Markets should be your first and last stop for insurance:

1) Free! The service is free to clients. Just make an appointment, come in, and they will go over all your options for no cost. Your agent always has the time to determine your needs and find out what plan works best for you and your family. Bubi Gorgevich, Health Markets District Manager, calls it, “Health Risk Management. Whatever we have at risk at certain points in our lives, be it financial or health, we can cover it and take care of it.”

2) Convenience! Health Markets is located right here in Sunrise MarketPlace at 5406 Sunrise Blvd. Suite #2, Citrus Heights, CA 95610. Located right next to Sutter Walk-in clinic is what we call convenient.

3) Only the Best! Health Markets only carries A or A+ rated portfolios. In non-insurance language that means they only offer you the best coverage to choose from and ensured payment of claims. With over 20 different products currently available, Health Markets will make sure your wealth and health are in sync with your desires.

4) Community! Health Markets is not only located in our community, but they also give back to our community. You can see them out at many local events, answering questions and finding out what the community needs. They’ve recently started to work with the Citrus Heights Chamber because Mr. Gorgevich and Health Markets are not just here to sell to the community; they’re here to help build a better city!

Give our friends at Health Markets a call and see for yourself. Call 916-721-6273 and set-up a no-pressure appointment with one of Health Market’s highly skilled and professional agents. And don’t wait! Remember, the 2019 Open Enrollment Period runs from Thursday, November 1, 2018, to Saturday, December 15, 2018.