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Art masterpieces popping up in unusual spots around Citrus Heights

In recent months, nearly two dozen green utility boxes in a heavily trafficked commercial district in Citrus Heights have been transformed to display works of art.

Kathilynn Carpenter, executive director of Sunrise MarketPlace, said her business improvement district has been working with SMUD on the “Masterpieces in the MarketPlace” project that features local artists, as well as famous iconic works.

The newly completed utility boxes can be seen throughout the Sunrise MarketPlace, a district made up of more than 400 businesses in the commercial corridor near Sunrise Mall.

“The project transforms functional, practical utility boxes into works of art and converts parking lots into free, public art galleries,” said Carpenter, noting that Citrus Heights is the first area to have a large number of boxes decorated with a consistent theme.

As of April, a total of 21 utility box wraps have been completed as part of the first phase of the project. Goals of the project include improving the aesthetic environment, increasing access to famous artwork, and providing opportunities for local artists.

Among the iconic works is Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” at Birdcage and Renoir’s “Chrysanthemums” at Citrus Town Center. Sunrise Mall features “Summer Nights” by local artist Nicole Alvarez, and “A Tribe Called Fleye” by Aik Brown, another local artist.

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