Aik Brown

Aik Brown



I am Aik Brown, an Artist originally from Sacramento, but now residing in Oakland, CA. Creating has always been my way of self expression, therapy, and great spiritual vibes. At a young age I was so fascinated by Graffiti Art, just by the way it was so free and risky. There were no rules and also not so much expectation; it was limitless. Since it was the first exposure of art that I had, I immediately wanted to create my own. I began creating my own letters and characters by combining them together in weird ways, getting influence from the graffiti that was in my hometown, neighboring cities, and the internet. As I progressed in my art, I knew for sure that I wanted to go to college to better my skills, techniques, and focus on painting; which was a mediums I absolutely hated. I attended Humboldt State University where I majored in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting. It was there that I struggled, progressed, and development a strong studio practice to my craft and my style that has come about today.

I have always been hesitate about putting my art in a specific genre. I stray away from being stuck to one genre because I am influenced by so many genres, mediums, and styles. I just want the viewer’s to take my work for what it is; almost like listening to a song for the first time. I would definitely call my style abstract, but it has so many influences of graffiti, cartoons, skateboarding, culture, human figure, nature, and spiritual ancestral connection. My focus is to create work that is honest, vulnerable, and fun for me. I am continuing to challenge myself when it comes to my art to go bigger in scale, adding more artistic skill and technique, discovering new mediums, and creativity. When creating my art I love to put on music and just let my hand flow. I do not go into my paintings having a thought out plan, message, or concept. I just go based off of however I am feeling at the moment to be expressed on the canvas, paper, or surface that I am creating on. I take my art very seriously to relax, relieve stress, have fun, and also to think about everything and absolutely nothing all at the same time.

I consider myself a very versatile artist by working in several mediums including painting, murals, illustration, graphic designing, videography, photography, and music. I want my art to influence others. I know that my style of art is different, but I feel that it is very authentic to who I am as a person. I am looking forward to 2020, to apply for open calls, residencies, teaching, community involvement, murals, shows, and much much more. I hope to connect and work with individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations to bring more art, art education, and murals for communities in the Bay Area, California, and one day around the world.

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